Apple II swift board (was: More broken Apples...)

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Tue May 5 18:00:09 CDT 2009

Just an observation on how much you can cram into a small memory space if
you try. I'll retract my tangent back from whence it came.

/ Steven

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> In article <002701c9cdcb$2b2bdd80$0201a8c0 at hal9000>,
>     "Scanning" <steven.alan.canning at>  writes:
> > I have a 32K EPROM that contains SELF TEST, Diagnostics, Editor /
> > BASIC, FORTH, CHIP-8 and BIOS / BOOTSTRAP for ElfOS disk operation
> > for the 1802. Comes from the Spare Time Gizmos guys ( no relation ).
> Err... OK, but since this comes from Spare Time Gizmos, I don't see
> what it has to do with the Swyft.
> Is it connected?

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