Datex floppy drive emulator - flash based replacement for magnetic media

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed May 6 16:45:23 CDT 2009

On Wed, 6 May 2009, John S wrote:
> I came across this product on the web:
> with a review here:

That is a press release, NOT a review.
'course a review by most of the popular press would be even less useful.

> It will be mechanically adapted for your larger ones. The DTX200 is
> pre-programmed to have the same features with the floppy drive to
> replace.  Each floppy disk drive using a specific connection technology,
> an adapter card will be developed for each of your floppy drives.
implies that it is NOT a drop-in replacement "for ANY drive", but that
they think that they can build one for any specific drive that you want.

But, that seems to eliminate the possibility of switching it from one
machine to another, or carrying one in your toolbox and plugging it into
whatever you encounter.

It does, however, seem from their description that it is not limited to
DOS device drivers, etc., and should work with most soft-sectored, IBM/WD
style Shugart interface machines.

It seems VERY unlikely that it will work for anything "non-standard", such
as the Sony 600RPM 3.5", etc.

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