Datex floppy drive emulator - flash based replacement for magnetic media

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Thu May 7 08:10:25 CDT 2009

> Many other Floppy disk and even some MFM hard drive emulators are out 
> there
> as enthusiast builds, but are generally not available,  or are not drop in
> replacements, or only support particular hardware e.g. Commodore Amiga.
> All ends up in a lot of frustration if you ask me!  I am not sure which is
> more evil:  posting up a device that does just what I want (but I can't
> buy),  or one that I can buy (but I can't afford).

    There ARE free floppy disk emulators around, just pick up the schematic 
and build one :o)

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