MC3418 CVSD Encoding (Was: Re: Looking for IBM PS/2 or PCjr SpeechAdapter Tech Ref

Julian Skidmore julianskidmore at
Thu May 7 14:55:00 CDT 2009

Michael B. Brutman wrote:

> I understand the 
> principle behind CVSD encoding and decoding, but not enough to start 
> writing code.  I want to write some code takes CVSD encoded data and 
> displays the waveform on a screen, for a sound editor.

CVSD decoding is a simple algorithm, here's a version which works one bit at a time:

typedef unsigned short ushort;
typedef unsigned short bit;	// should be a range 0..1.

#define kCvsdMaxGain 8
#define kCvsdIntegrator 15

ushort gCvsdDecGain=1, gCvsdDecRefSample=32768;
ushort gCvsdDecRecentBits=0xaaaa;

ushort CvsdDec(bit aBit)
	gCvsdDecRefSample+= (aBit==1)? gCvsdDecGain:-gCvsdDecGain;
	if(((gCvsdDecRecentBits&kCvsdIntegrator)==kCvsdIntegrator) ||
	     ((gCvsdDecRecentBits&7)==0) ) {
	return gCvsdDecRefSample;

All you have to do is pick the right maximum gain and integrator. Somewhat wrong values will still produce something recognisable.

-cheers from julz @P


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