Casio AI-1000 info...

Philip Belben philip at
Sat May 9 12:26:22 CDT 2009

>> Does anyone have any detailed information on the Casio AI-1000?  This 
>> is (was) a pocket-sized computer in the vein of those old BASIC 
>> handhelds, except it's programmable in Lisp, of all things...  I'm 
>> interested in what it's capable of, it just looks like a neat little 
>> device but there's not a lot of detail out there other than basic 
>> hardware specs.
>   Really...?  I've never heard of this.  It sounds like a WHOLE lot of 
> fun!  Please share any information that you may find.
>> And of course if anyone has one they're just gonna throw away, drop me 
>> a line :).

I'm afraid mine isn't for the throwing away just yet, but I'll stand in 
line for the info - any info - if people have it!

I got the machine a few years ago when a friend of a friend emigrated to 
the US and left his classic computer collection behind.  (In fact I got 
most of the collection, because I was the only one in that circle who 
could afford the storage space.  But I digress...)

It programs in LISP.  It has a japanese text editor in which you type 
phonetics on the QWERTY keyboard and it generates appropriate syllable 
characters from one of the Japanese writing systems.  I never discovered 
how to edit a LISP program, so correcting mistakes was rather frustrating...

I bought a book on microcomputer LISPs, and the programming examples 
worked, but it used none of the editing methods in the machine-specific 

A word of warning.  This machine is not fast.  Even a quite simple LISP 
program can take a while to run.


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