non-DEC-compat HW to read RX02's?

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Sat May 9 13:22:46 CDT 2009

>Subject: Re: non-DEC-compat HW to read RX02's?
>   From: "Nico de Jong" <nico at>
>   Date: Sat, 09 May 2009 19:47:11 +0200
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>>> What non-DEC-compatible stuff out there can read RX02's?
>>> Obviously the original RX02 drive can read RX02's... as can all the
>>> DSD, Sigma, etc. Q-bus, Unibus, Omnibus compatible controllers.
>>> But what can read RX02's using a generic SA801-type drive and a
>>> PC-clone?
>> I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to be able to do this with a
>> Catweasel and the utils that make a DMK out of them (Tim Mann's name
>> comes to mind).
>I checked my Octopus system, and it says it supports the following DEC 
>RSX 5.25" 400k
>VMS 3.5" 1.4M
>VMS 5,25" 400K
>VMS 8" 251K
>VT180 5.25" 180K
>RT11 5.25" 400K
>RT11 3.5" 720K
>RT11 5.25" 1.2M
>Is RX02 identical to one of the formats mentioned above ?
>You can also take a look at InterMedias site at 

No VMS 8" 251K is RX01.

All of the others are fairly generic floppy controllers in the host system
as DEC generally used the 1793 or SMC chips that did formats reasonable and 

RX02 is very unique.


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