pdp 11/23 to PC conversion wanted, then hardware is available

e.stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Tue May 12 07:11:28 CDT 2009

Hello Jay,
where is this guy ?

Jay West wrote:
> Got the following email, if interested in the conversion work please 
> contact me off-list. He who does the conversion can collect and do 
> whatever they wish with the hardware:
> ------------------------------
> Hi
> I have a working DEC 11/23.  it is actually a Marquette 8000 Holter system
> http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?c=458
> The monitor is fading and the computer is a relic and takes up a lot of 
> space
> However, it s a very good Holter system since there are c programs on it 
> that are very good for research.
> I would like to transfer the entire system to a PC. and would gladly 
> give you guys the hardware,
> but I would need to first transfer the functionality to a new PC.
> I read in url above that the terminal may be special and there may be 
> special board in the computer
> I am a developer but I am not a hardware tech.
> Any suggestions?

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