DEC VT05 with OS/8 -- basic system rebuild?

djg at djg at
Fri May 15 10:16:48 CDT 2009

>I suspect that it is impossible to rebuild OS/8 today. I would be 
>surprised if OS/8 was actually maintained on a PDP-8. All of the 
>diagnostic listing, for example, were generated using PAL10 on a PDP-10.
It is possible at least for parts of the OS78V4/DECMate version

See sysgen.tx for build information in files below. The BI files in 
are batch files to build the system. I used it to build these images
when people couldn't find DECmate I disks. I never heard back if the
disks I made for people actually worked ok.

I remember is wasn't quite trouble free but so far I haven't found the disk
image I put everything on to build those rx02's. If you have problems email
me and I may either remember the problem or find the files I used to build.

These instructions/files should help in building earlier versions.

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