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bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Thu May 21 23:45:06 CDT 2009

Dave McGuire wrote:

>   What sort of density are you looking for?  I've seen some really nice 
> 16Kx1 SRAM chips made by Inmos.  Or you could implement a DRAM 
> controller in your FPGA and do it that way, with 1-bit-wide DRAM chips.

I am looking at about 32K 18 bit word  memory on small single board
computer, some thing around the size of a PDP 8/e in functionality but 18 rather 
than 12 bits.
I am looking to add modern features (1968 ish) like character addressable
memory, Stack and Index registers as well as # data.
Memory, Uart and CPU I can get on one PCB as well as simple IDE interface.
The other PCB will be the 18 bit front panel with the MAR,MBR and AC displayed
connected via ribbon cable.

>            -Dave
Since this is a small computer, hardware support of floating point is NOT a
option. :)

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