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Fri May 22 11:35:45 CDT 2009

At 11:17 AM -0400 5/22/09, William Donzelli wrote:
>  > Ever considered that some people are bashing Microsoft for other reasons
>>  than tryiong to be funny?
>>  Such as: There are actually legitimate concerns about the quality of their
>>  products.
>And *nix/OSX/VMS/zOS/zVM are free of quality defects? Where are the
>cheap shots against these? The cheap shots we hear over and over

I think it's a question of levels of issues.  I for one complain 
about problems with Mac OS X, there are some design decisions that 
are just plain stupid.  As for VMS, the complaints there exist as 
well, but you're less likely to see them unless you're hanging out in 
comp.os.vms.  In spite of all the problems with these other OS's 
(sorry I'm not conversant in the IBM OS's), they're a walk in the 
park compared to trying to administer Windows.

>And do not come back with something like "well, Microsoft deserves
>them because they have way more defects". Plenty of people use
>Microsoft products - .NET included - and seem to do just fine.

How about incredible drain on business resources due to all of the 
patches that are required for Microsoft products.  Anymore that is my 
chief complaint against Windows.  Heaven help you if a "Critical" 
Security patch comes down the stream.  Then people will likely loose 
their weekend to the latest

My hatred of Microsoft began when I bought Visual Basic V1, while I 
considered it to be a great product, if failed to deliver the OS/2 
version advertised on the box and in the manual.  Windows 95 
convinced me to buy a Mac.  I still don't like Microsoft, but I do 
like their development tools.  SQL Studio, Visual Studio and .NET all 
rock, and I'm spending a disturbing amount of time working with them 
now.  At least with Visual Studio and .NET I can still target both 
Linux and Win2k3 (the two platforms I need to target for work).  I 
just wish HP would get their act together and port Mono to VMS.

>You must realize that there is a big difference between a legitimate
>complaint and bashing. The latter wore out its welcome with me years
>ago. The last funny thing related to Microsoft bashing I saw was Kai's
>form letter responses to bashing on this list, in the early days.

Sadly the MS bashing is what caused Kai's departure from this list. 
One has to wonder what resources are on this list that we don't know 
about due to listmembers hostility towards certain companies.


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