Anyone interested in an Amstrad PCW?

Roger Pugh rogpugh at
Sat May 23 09:14:07 CDT 2009

> I often considered gutting mine and recasing it - as a certain
> North-East collector might put it "rare as paving slabs" - with a
> smaller (maybe 9") monitor, upping the RAM to the full-fat 512k and
> maybe a 3.5" disk.  Hmmm - I've got a knackered Mac Classic kicking
> around and a few 9" CCTV monitors...
> The thing that puts me off removing it from my Mum's attic is it takes
> up a lot of space for something I wouldn't use that much.
> Gordon

Then there are the five "new in box" 9512plus models i have in storage, 
complete with daisy wheel printers software and keyboards!!


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