Is this slashdot or Classiccmp? Re: Microsoft bashing

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Whilst I am not a fan of MS, or there products, I do believe you have missed atleast one version of windows - 2003. Was Windows XP really released in 2000? The reason I ask is that wasn't Windows 2000 released in 1999/2000 and then followed up very quickly with Windows ME (Millenium Edition)?

The computers at work were recently (summer 2008) upgraded to Windows 2003. The policy at might place is to upgrade the computers every 2 to 3 years, and usually with an Windows OS that's 3-5 years old.

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So, why is the same not happening with Windows?  Windows XP was released in, I believe, 2000, and the next version, Vista, wasn't released for SEVEN YEARS.  That is geologic ages in computer software years.  And, after seven years, Vista is the result?  There are MANY more computers now than in the early 1980s, and Microsoft has a MUCH bigger percentage of the market than Ashton-Tate ever dreamed of.  By all rights, Windows Vista should be software that approaches the borders of divinity.  Instead, each new release of Windows is like a beta test.  And, even if you give Microsoft a bye with Vista, after seven years and many millions of users, Windows XP should be utterly rock-stable.  HAH!


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