Is this slashdot or Classiccmp? Re: Microsoft bashing

bfranchuk at bfranchuk at
Sun May 24 20:09:23 CDT 2009

Warren Wolfe wrote:

> Oh, dear.  First, thanks for your attempt to assist.  Well, at the risk 
> of compounding any potential trouble I might be in....  I DID test the 
> hardware...  By running ...  shall we say ....  "other software" for 
> many months without problem.  Also, I would point out that the same 
> behavior has been observed on other machines.  And, finally, let me 
> point out that I have adopted a "twice a day" boot plan as prophylaxis 
> for  O/S  problems, not because I am  HAVING  problems twice a day.

I just turn off the computer when I am done using it, a few times a day.

> Stepping gingerly,
> Warren

PS:  I know where the circuit breaker is ... When I say OFF ... I mean OFF!

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