Jones plugs, or similar sorts of plugs

Tony Duell ard at
Mon May 25 12:57:59 CDT 2009

> N connectors suffer a fatal flaw - use the wrong plug in the wrong
> socket, and you are screwed. Mixing 50 and 75 Ohm Ns will either
> result in a crummy connection or a possibly ruined part.

I asusme this is due to a different diameter central pin -- small pin in 
large socket causes a bad connection, large pin in small socket wrecks th 

I've heard this claimed of BNCs too, but I've seen measurements made on 
new, good-qulaity BNC plugs (Amphenol, Greenpar, etc) which indicate the 
central pins are the same diameter and there is no possiblilty of damage 
by using the 'wrong' plug. Has anyone got measurements for N connectors?


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