Is this slashdot or Classiccmp? Re: Microsoft bashing [ Off topic warning!]

Doug Jackson doug at
Mon May 25 18:52:58 CDT 2009

>    When I was a lttle kid, I asked what "spindle" meant, and why there 
> was
>    any need to say, "Do not fold, spindle, staple, or mutilate."

When I was a youngster (18), I worked at the Australian National 
University in the research School of Physical Sciences.  I was a trainee 
in the Electronics Unit.  We got to repair Altairs, and Imsais, and 
Intel MDS systems -  drool now - I had no idea how much I would miss 
them when they went....  Real machines - None of these fancy switch mode 
power supplies....  BIG caps...  BIG transformers...

These machines were used extensively to control experiments.  We also 
has a wonderful mechanical engineering department that 'could make 

One of the silly memories I have is turning 18.  One of my presents from 
the guys was a new accelerator pedal for my car, that contained a small 
hole in the pedal.  Mounted under the small hole was a spindle that 
would protrude through the hole when the accelerator was pressed harder 
than 80% of its travel.

Kind of a active, biometric feedback system, designed to reduce the 
acceleration rate of my car.....   I don't know what they were 
complaining about :-P

It is funny what a single word can make you remember!

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