receptacles (was IBM 029 Keypunch has arrived)

Tony Duell ard at
Tue May 26 14:28:42 CDT 2009

> Thanks for the info, "receptacles" got hundred of items, though few  
> seem to be on plates UK style and none in boxes like a UK 'metal clad'  

IIRC, the convential way that US socket outlets d ofit into a metal back 
box (a bit like the flush boxes we use in the UK), and then a serparate 
plastic faceplate is screwd on the the front. It's not quite like the UK 

Anyway, when I mounded up a US socket for a test cable, I did what you're 
suggesting and fitted it in a normal plastic project box.

Cable mounting ('free') US sockets certainly exist and may be more useful 
to you for this application. I have no idea what they're gernally called, 

> socket, but I can cut suitable holes in a few project boxes so not  
> really a problem. There was a splash proof socket in a box but I don't  
> really want a flip up cover on a permanent installation.
> Thank again.


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