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Tue May 26 12:48:33 CDT 2009

schoedel at kw.igs.net wrote:
>>> > > Pfft. Both are for clueless newbies. The only editor is TECO.
> Of course vi is functionally similar to TECO, with the same "[count] command
> [argument ESC]" syntax; merely a few of the command names are different (It's
> those emacs guys that strayed far from the true path). Plus you get regular
> expressions.

Just realized I had to make another comment on this.

In TECO, the number before a command is not generally a count, but an 
argument. Some commands use that as a count, while others use it for all 
kind of stuff. It all depends on what makes most sense for the specific 
command. If you really want a repeat, you'd better create a loop instead.
And in general, you don't have any arguments after a command, with a few 
exceptions. So normally you just stack letters together, and they are 
all separate commands.

(The commands that take an argument after the command that I can think 
of are I (for insert, which inserts everything after the I, unless you 
give a numeric argument, in which case it inserts the corresponding 
byte) and O (for branching in a program, which takes a label string).
Oh, and all commands related to q-registers take the q-registername 
after the command. (Hmm, there are probably one or two more, but I can't 
remember them right now.)


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