Altos 686

SPC spedraja at
Wed May 27 02:01:50 CDT 2009

A lot of thanks, sincerely :-)

The Altos is in good shape and working state and I consider a waste don't
hack it a little. And, more important, I did a test and probe that I can
manage it using the serial port of my laptop and one original Dec VT220
(that I use eventually to connect in old-fashion mode to SIMH by the same
way, but this is other story).

Only one point to clear... you speak about send IMD images in a tarball,
isn't so ? Or perhaps... Do you speak about the single files of the disks
(one by one) ? In this last case, I wonder if would be possible to send
files to the Altos Xenix using 'cu' or something similar... Only assorted
thoughts, you know... :-)

Thanks again. Kind Regards.

2009/5/27 mike ingram <ingrammp at>

> Hi Sergio
> I  had given Dave Dunfield copies of a C compiler and some other stuff that
> I won on an Ebay auction a couple of years ago.
> Dave used to have a site at<>img/index.htm
>   that had copies of this, but it doesn't seem to be working..    ( anybody
> know where this is now ???? )
> Anyways,  I had these disks:
> Xenix Development System version 3.0BS0, which includes 7 floppies,
> SCCS 3.0B0 disk 1 of 1
> Spelling Checker 3.0BS0 disk 1 of 1
> Level II COBOL R2.02S0 RTS Rev 56 disk 1 of 1
> INFORMIX demo version 3.11B  two disks   ( not ALTOS, but with INFORMIX
> label on it )
> F77 Fortran version 1.2B0 disk 1 of 1
> C Compiler 3.0BS1  two disks
> Be glad to email you what I have ....  I think I just put it all into a tar
> ball and gzipped it,  after using Dave's  ImageDisk  program to copy the
> original floppies into something more moveable.
> Mike
> On May 22, 2009, at 4:51 AM, SPC wrote:
>  Hello. I have one Altos 686 with Xenix 3.2 in working state. I should like
>> to install on it one C compiler and eventually the Ryan-McFarland Cobol
>> for
>> this platform if available.
>> I remember something about IMD image disks available in some place in the
>> Internet but I don't remember where.
>> All help is welcome
>> Kind Regards
>> Sergio

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