Eliza and Fun

SPC spedraja at ono.com
Wed May 27 02:14:22 CDT 2009

Yesterday I installed some CP/M stuff available for the AltairZ80 simulator
of SIMH. I am checking the use of the last version of the simulator from one
DEC VT220 plugged in the serial port of my laptop. And I checking in essence
the PDP-11 (with Unix) and Z80 (with CP/M, MP/M and Oasis) simulators

In one of the virtual disks of CP/M exists a copy of the Eliza basic
program. I tried it using the MBASIC interpreter. Very funny but interesting
as an historical piece of software and as what the program do by itself.

But the most funny thing was to check what happened when I show the program
to my daughter and son (both under eleven years old). Half and hour later I
need to obligate them to close the program. Absolutely addictive. And even
more when I expleained them (in simply words) some aspects related with the

Later, I encountered myself thinking about the evolution of the games, the
programs, the artificial intelligence and the computing in general during
from the epoch of Eliza (or before) ot our days. And what can do a good
piece of code against some excess of our days in the computing field.

Kind Regards

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