Anyone interested in an Amstrad PCW?

Tony Duell ard at
Wed May 27 14:03:16 CDT 2009

> The Amstrad 2000-series machines (8086, 386, 386) were quite good PCs
> for the time, and for the late 1980s, quite futuristic. Side-mounted
> keyboard port, like their ancestors the 1512 & 1640, all I/O

And that keyboard port, at least on some machines, was non-standard. 
These machines had a bulit-in mouse port (DE9 connector) for a quatrature 
mouse. The keyboard port was a 6 pin DIN socket. The reason was that 
while the mouse 'position' signals went to one of the gate arrays on the 
motherboard, the mouse buttons were linked to 2 of the pins on the 
keyboard socket (the other 4 being the normal +5V, ground, clock, data). 
The mouse buttons were heandled by the keyboard microcontroller and 
appeared to the machine as keypresses.


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