StorageWorks key

Tony Duell ard at
Fri May 29 13:48:54 CDT 2009

> My 11/44 uses a barrel key (which now that you mention it ISTR is plastic),=
>  but this is a flat key. =20

So presumably it's a a 'Yale type' key (as they're commonly called over 
here). A flat key with notches along the top edge to lift the tumblers to 
the right height.

I can't believe it's a very complicated or secure lock (cheap locks, with 
looser mechanical tolerances are much easier to pick for obvious 
reasons). My guess is you could easliy learn to pick it. And once you've 
got it open, take the lcok apart and you could probably make a key. 

I assuem there's mo other way into the cabinet. One of my machines had 
the back cover held on by a lock for which I didn't ahve the key, but 
turning the machine on its side revealed 2 metal plates that the rear 
cover hookded on to. Unscrewing those alooed me to remvoe the cover 
without the key, at which point it ws trivial to dismantle the lock to 
make a key.


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