when soldering irons go bad

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri May 29 19:54:02 CDT 2009

On May 29, 2009, at 8:01 PM, Andrew Burton wrote:
> Two things spring to mind:
> 1) Did he ever stab himself with the screwdriver while running?

   Possibly.  That'd explain a lot.

> 2) Did he think of getting a portable gas cooker/handheld  gas  
> torch? Or weren't they available back then? (Sorry, I don't know  
> when 'then' was)

   Well, he told me the story when I was about 16 (~1985), so it was  
sometime before that.  He was in his 30s, so I guess that establishes  
and early bound.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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