Origins of Internet, old Physics Today article

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> Mark Tapley wrote:

>>     Catching up on my old magazine stack yesterday, I came across what 
>> looked like a good article in Physics Today (Nov. 1998, Vol. 51 No. 11) 
>> entitled "The World Wide Web and High-Energy Physics". It described the 
>> steps leading to the evolution of HTTP, HTML, and the adoption of those 
>> protocols at CERN and elsewhere. Nice photos of Tim Berners-Lee sitting 
>> in front of a NeXTStep screen, and *the* Cube that ran the original server.

So not the origins of the Internet, most likely, but rather of the World
Wide Waste^H^H^H^Heb?

>>     The article appears to be on-line at:


>    Clicking the PDF download link takes me to a login page.

...or a buy-it-online link that offers to provide it to you for only

I took a look at the author's home page (Bebo White, retired from the
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, whom I used to know!), but the article
is not available from there.


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