A few classic computer photos

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 14:10:34 CST 2009

> >
> > I haev quite a collection of sub-miniature Minoltas already :-). And I
> > have one Minox, which is a beautiful piece of engineering. Alas a  
> > Tessina
> > is way out of my price range...
> Pentax 110's and Exakta's are my favorites.

I wouldnm't call the former a 'favourite', although I have 3 or 4 of them 
with an assortment of lenses, flash, motordrive, etc. It's certainly an 
interesting camera, although too much electronics (and no manual 
override) for my taste.

But Exaktas I love. I generally describe them as the 'Citroen DS of 35mm 
cameras' (if I ever learn to drive, a DS is top of my list of desirable 
vehicles...). The Exakta is totally unconentional. Every control is where 
you don't expect it. But then it has shutter speeds from 1/500 (or 1/1000 
on later models) to 12 _seconds_. A film cutting knife (and you can run 
cassette-to-cassette) so you can cut off an process part of the film. 
Interchangeable viewfinders (I must repair the metering prism I have for 
mine -- alas the meter coil itself is open-circuit). And so on.

Among the 35mm Exactas around me at the moment is a VP exacta taking 127 
roll film (6*4,5 cm frame). Yes, I like them...


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