apple documentary and huge apple collection

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> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 5:26 PM, Alexandre Souza 
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>> It remembers me how HARD is to find a IIGS here in Brazil. Even a
>> motherboard would help.
>> BTW, anyone with a spare Ramworks II or Ramworks III? :o)
> Or how about a 2e/2gs scsi controller?

> I just picked up a spare 2gs from ebay for the princely sum of $8.  lol
> Some of them go for quite a bit though if they include all the 
> accessories.
> brian

Depends what you do on the IIgs. If you just want to play games or a few old 
apps you can get by with a simple system, monitor, keyboard, dual 3.5" and 
dual 5.25".

I have a Transwarp IIgs, 8mb RAM card, rev C SCSI card, and I mostly just 
boot from floppy and play games. All the extras are nice if you use GS/OS 
and want to transfer images and files around (and read HFS partitions or 
network with a Mac), but if you have an old Mac you can make usable disks 

You can still find systems on freecycle if you post a wanted, they will most 
likely be basic setups (teachers seem to snag them for their kids and then 
get rid of them when the kids get older).

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