RGB-VGA Converter -- buy or build?

Alexis thrashbarg at kaput.homeunix.org
Wed Nov 18 04:06:37 CST 2009

On Wed, 18 Nov 2009 02:03:11 am ck wrote:
> I would like to build a RGB-VGA converter but I don't know how to design
>  one. If you have a circuit diagram, I would like to obtain it.
> I have an old RS6000 320H computer which has RGB 3 BNC with sync on green.
>  It also says "separate". It also says that 1280 * 1048(something like
>  that). The original monitor (IBM 6091-19)has H freq =63.35kHz (something
>  like that), V = 60 Hz.
> Could you help me with the circuit?
> Thanks
> Chungduck Ko

I reckon if you got an LM1881 sync separator and wired the Green output to the 
composite input, it'd give you horizontal and vertical sync that can be put 
into a VGA monitor.

A quick Google gives this website, which details it...



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