Non-fake Apple 1 on ebay

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Nov 18 21:34:44 CST 2009

> The solder mask. The dark green matte stuff they used to use hasn't been
> around
> for at least 25 years, though oxidation of 20+ year old solder is a pretty
> easy
> giveaway as well.

The mask is not too hard to fake visually - a properly tinted clear
coat will do. A chemical test might be a giveaway, however.

Old solder can also be faked - there are plenty of old radio guys that know how.

> There's also an upper limit on the number of ICs (esp the MOS parts) with
> the
> right date code range.

Harder to do, but the chips can be faked as well - at least the older
inked ones, and not the more modern laser engraved types.

The tube market is plagued with fakes, ever since the 1950s. Guys in
their garage would get used tubes, wash the original inks off, and
reink with a silkscreen. Certainly ICs could be faked the same way.


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