Cromemco Z-2 and IMSAI 8080 at Purdue

Bryan Pope bryan.pope at
Thu Nov 19 22:07:09 CST 2009

Evan Koblentz wrote:
>>> Also, those of us associated with the Vintage Computer Festival do 
>>> not like it when Erik's forum is called "VCF" .... thank you.  :)
>> Can someone clarify as to why?  It seems a perfectly good acronym to me.
> Because "VCF" is already an established term in the hobby for "Vintage 
> Computer Festival."  That's not revisionist history; everyone knows 
> we've been calling the events VCF 1.0, VCF 2.0, VCF Europe, VCF East, 
> etc. since 1997 when it began.  Sellam actually has a trademark on the 
> term "Vintage Computer Festival" but he couldn't get VCF because it's 
> also a file extension and it used in lots of other non-related 
> places.  But anyhow, for the hobby, we all know what VCF is -- 
> Sellam's event.  (It's not like Hans or Patrick or myself just decided 
> to have our own events and call them VCF.  Sellam owns the franchise 
> and we openly admit it's a for-profit endeavor.)
> So, nothing against Erik, but when people call his forum the "VCF" 
> they are creating confusion.
Can we just call Erik's web board the VC Forum?



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