Water damage

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 20 12:42:11 CST 2009

I don't recall any barrel battery on my A600. I have two A600's though, one with the metal shield (on last attempt I gave up opening it up on fear of wrecking the case) and one without (which had the case clips damaged by the previous user... no metal shielding and no barrel battery that I can recall).
I guess it depends on which revision A600 board you have. The one I opened up is stamped "A300 June Bug".

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk

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One last thing... you need to remove any amiga barrel type battery you
find.  If caps are leaking, the battery probably is too.  The original 500
didn't have one, but the 500+ did.  For the 500, I believe the battery is
inside the metal shielded trap door memory upgrade, same for the 600.  The
big box amigas had them right on the motherboard.  The 2000 is especially
notorious for leaking acid everywhere.


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