Ten Year Rule

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Nov 24 11:20:19 CST 2009

> Is it just me - I have been noticing less list traffic
> over the years? Are people migrating to VCF?
Most of the newer / younger collectors are automatically going to Erik's 
forum and will probably never even know about cctalk.

When you Google for "vintage" or "retro" or "antique" computers, the 
site www.classiccmp.org doesn't even come up in the first few pages of 
results.  Even when you Google for "classic" computers, this list is 
only the seventh result.

Many people, like me, use both options.  However sometimes I do get 
frustrated on Erik's forum because, as expected, there are many posts 
about things that I consider "too new" to be collectible (see that YATYR 

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