Ten Year Rule

Alexandre Souza - Listas pu1bzz.listas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 12:43:33 CST 2009

> I agree.  I'm fascinated by hardware emulation upgrades. I  just bought a
> 286 board for my amiga should should be here shortly.  I'd love to put
> something similar in the IIfx or quadra 700.  There's also a fairly common
> mac emulation board for the amiga.  It would be fun to have both a mac and
> dos window open on the amiga desktop at the same time.  :-)

    Something I always wanted to have: A LC mac and an Apple //e emulation 
board :D :D :D

> I've more or less decided to get a G3 or G4 as soon as I can spot a
> reasonably priced example.  The sweet spot for me is somewhere around $50
> which is when people seem to start throwing them out.

    I have one, but it is too boring. There is nothing I can do with that 
(beyond music) :) 

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