compact macs (was Re: Ten Year Rule)

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Speaking of Powerbooks... what was the last Apple laptop to include a floppy drive? PPC is okay. I was thinking this would be an ideal way to convert disk images to IIgs compatible floppies.

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Brian Lanning wrote:

> The se/30 is on my list as well.  I think the mac classic has a 68030 also,
> but I like the look of the se/30.

There was a lot of repackaging of the same computer that went on with 68K
Macs. The Classic was a repackaged SE, The Classic II was essentially an

I had been fiddling around trying to decide which of the old 68K macs I liked
the best. At the time, my favorite was the Q800 with a 40MHz processor, which
was supported but never released because it was too close in performance to
the 840AV. I hadn't played much with the Powerbooks, mostly because they were
developed by a different group and we didn't have many prototypes around, so
I picked up about a dozen different models the last couple of weeks on eBay
cheap so I could get a better feel for them. It's interesting to look at how
fast the technology advanced in them through the 90's, and how each one seems
to be crippled in a different way so that in the end I didn't end up liking
any of the 68K models. The 190cs should have been the best, being the last,
but they left out ethernet, for example.

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