Ten Year Rule

Jim Brain brain at jbrain.com
Tue Nov 24 17:02:32 CST 2009

My word, I leave for work, and look what I come back to!

"Welcome Jim, you have a bazillion cc-talk messages!"

So, since you all have wasted the better part of a day without coming to 
a conclusion, here's another coal for the fire:

When is it appropriate to talk about a system that emulates a vintage 
machine, but contains additional functionality beyond the original 
emulated artifact?  C64DTV is a trivial example.  Is it in scope (due to 
the C64 heritage), out of scope (due to being newish) or must we only 
talk about certain parts until 2015 or so?  PDP-11 on an FPGA + extras 
would be another example.

/me is evil


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