Tek t2xx mainframe with 7D01 plugin : still worthwhile ?

Alexandre Souza - Listas pu1bzz.listas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 17:08:37 CST 2009

>> Is it worthwhile to rescue a Tek 7xxx scope system with a 7d01 logic 
>> analyzer plugin ?
>> It looks nice, but after reading the manual the usefullness seems 
>> limited....

    I'd give my life for it :) But remember I live in the third world :oP

> If it's got the pods with it, then yes, it's still quite useful. If it's
> got the add-on module to the left of the main analyser (is that a 7D02?)
> then it's even more useful.

    It makes me look to my Tek 3001GPX with a sad face... I'd die for a set 
of P6490 pods :'(

    Or at least a schematic ;o) 

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