Fairlight CMI

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Oct 1 11:21:59 CDT 2009

On Sep 30, 2009, at 6:10 PM, Steven Hirsch wrote:
>>> Being a vintage computer and synthesiser fan, I'd love
>>> to get a Fairlight CMI for restoration/care/actual use
>>> so if anyone has any Fairlight CMI model they would like
>>> to either sell or trade let me know. Can be EU or US.
>> Mmmmm, Fairlight.
>> Years ago (1988 or so?) my friend Mike in Delaware had a  
>> Synclavier II. That thing was damn impressive.  Sadly he no longer  
>> has it.  Unless I'm mistaken, there's a MicroVAX-II in there!
> There's been earlier discussion on this list, but short answer is  
> that you are mistaken :-).  The Synclavier was built around New  
> England Digital's own bit-slice CPU originally developed for their  
> ABEL minicomputer system. Probably based on AMD 29xx parts,  
> although I do not know that for sure.

   Really?  I was actually pretty sure about that.  I never saw the  
innards of the machine myself, but I will happily stand corrected!

> A company I ran in the 80s did a lot of audio systems contracting  
> work with NED and I recall seeing terminals all over the place that  
> were logged on to the in-house ABEL system.  I think they used it  
> for inventory, billing, etc.  All the support software was  
> developed in the ABEL environment AFAIK.

   I've gotta assume this is different from the ABEL PLD design  
language.  I've never heard of it, what is it?


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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