FS: PDP 8/e (Seattle, WA)

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Thu Oct 1 22:09:34 CDT 2009

So a couple of weekends ago I was down sick with the flu and one late 
evening when I couldn't sleep I purchased a PDP-8/e off eBay, having 
convinced myself it was a really good deal while only half-awake.

Here's the thing -- I already have an 8/e; I have no idea what I'm going 
to do with /two /of them.

Here's what I have -- a bare-minimum 8/e with 4k of core, the basic CPU 
set and a single Omnibus backplane.  No top cover.  Front panel bulbs 
all seem good.

It works fine (as far as I can tell -- programs I toggle in run, etc), 
is very clean, and is in decent shape.  (A few scratches on the front 
panel, but honestly it doesn't look that bad.)  An interesting detail -- 
the front panel says "digital equipment international ltd galway, 
ireland" instead of the usual "maynard, massachusetts" herald.  I'm 
assuming that means it's worth a million dollars.  Think of the deal 
you'll be getting!

I'm asking only what I paid for it, which is $650.  (Or alternately, 
trading for something "cool."  Always looking for an Altair or a Xerox 
D-machine... :))

I'd prefer local pickup (and I'll drive a ways to meet you) but if you 
want to arrange something with Craters & Freighters or something similar 
I can do that too.  I don't trust myself to pack and ship this thing 
myself without breaking it (and that would be a shame.)

I can take pictures if desired.


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