Free VAX/Alpha hardware (clarification)

joe heck trash3 at
Thu Oct 8 14:55:59 CDT 2009

13 inches wide, I believe that to be a BA123

BA350, not 360, I'm too old and the digits are too small... :-)


Zane H. Healy wrote:
> Is there anyone close by that can rescue this and the doc's?  This stuff 
> is for the most part worth rescuing.    The MicroVAX I and II can be 
> converted into a PDP-11 if so desired.  I think MicroVAX I's are 
> moderately rare.  Though since this is in MA, they might not be back there.
> Question is there such a thing as a BA360?  I suspect it is a typo, and 
> it's a BA350, but I don't know.
> I'm not even collecting anymore, but if I was local, I'd be going after 
> this.
> Zane
> At 8:46 AM -0400 10/8/09, joe heck wrote:
>> I have the following equpment free for pick up.  All or nothing deal. 
>> Wrentham, MA.  It's going to the scrapper next Wednesday.
>> two VAX 4000-100
>> two AlphaServer 400  4/233 complete and working when I shut them down 
>> a few years ago
>> two VT520
>> one VR160
>> MicroVAX 3100
>> BA42A storage expansion
>> BA360 with 4 drives
>> MicroVAX I, I believe complete, I never powered it up
>> MicroVAX II box/power supply/backplane only, no drives or boards
>> Joe Heck

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