Fixing a 386SX laptop

Alexandru Lovin thypope at
Thu Oct 8 22:14:17 CDT 2009

Hello everyone,

My oldest machine is a Goldstar Gold Note 386SX 20 MHz with 2 MB of RAM. I'd
like to do many things with it, but no matter what I try to do, at some
point the screen starts going dark and then bright and then dark
again...varying in brightness until you can't focus on what you are doing
anymore. It's a grayscale LCD. Apparently no dead pixels at all. I've been
told by someone who fixes motherboards and other things for a living that
it's not the screen but something else. However, the man claims he has no
time to look into the machine and find the problem.

If anyone has any idea of what could be wrong, wether it is possible to fix
it and hopefully how, I'm all ears. I will even send it to whoever can fix
it and pay for the repairs, like I intended to do with this local gentleman.

I'm very curious to at least hear what's wrong.

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