Catweasel support for Intel M2FM working!

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Fri Oct 9 04:22:47 CDT 2009

Steven Hirsch wrote:
> I have about 20-25 original distribution diskettes for the MDS800 and 
> will get busy imaging them ASAP.  Who would be willing to host these?

I'd be more than happy to host a copy of them, and I'm sure others on 
the list would as well.

> They are "cooked" images, so it would be possible to extract the files 
> from them with a bit of work.

What do you mean by "cooked"? Raw M2FM data, decoded M2FM (sync words 
and headers intact), or just sequential sectors of data?

 > However, they're obviously of the most
> use to folks with access to a Catweasel board (and an Intellec system).

Or curious folk (like me) who enjoy the challenge of picking apart disc 
formats :)

classiccmp at

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