Old VMS distros (was Re: Free VAX/Alpha hardware)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 13:01:45 CDT 2009

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Hölscher
<hoelscher-kirchbrak at freenet.de> wrote:
> To clarify about VMS / MicroVMS versions...
> That seems to me a rather good proof that MicroVMS versions are (at least from V4.3 onwards) functionally equal
> (to the extend possible on MicroVAXen) to the corresponding VMS versions.

That sounds right from what I remember.  After that point, it became a
memory/disk space issue, not an architectural issue.  I don't recall
when uVAX-I support was dropped, but I don't think VMS 6.0 is
supported on an RD54 (though it _can_ be mostly wedged in there).

> I'm still looking for the following versions:
> - MicroVMS V1.0 ( = MicroVMS V4.0 ???)

I _think_ that might be the case.

> - MicroVMS V4.0
> - MicroVMS V4.1
> - MicroVMS V4.2
> - VMS V4.1
> - VMS V4.2 MUP (Mandatory Update)
> - VMS 4.3A
> - VMS 4.5A
> - VMS 4.5B
> - VMS 4.5C
> - VMS 4.6A
> - VMS 4.6B
> - VMS 4.6C
> - VMS 4.7A
> Can anybody help ???

I have many of the earlier ones of those, on original media, though I
can't guarantee what will read and verify from 20-year-old media.  I
will certainly give it an attempt.

We had an 11/750 on software support from their initial release in
1983 through 1993, MicroVAXen from their release in 1984 through 1993,
and an 11/730 that probably used the same media as the 11/750, IIRC.
Some of our MicroVAX stuff was on RX50; some on TK50.  We ran (u)VMS
and Ultrix.  I was able to save about 80%-90% of the distro media when
the company closed (some of the earlier stuff may have been recycled
since TU58s and RX50s were considered "expensive" and "why would we
ever want that old stuff anyway).  I do have a pile of DEC distro
floppies for the Pro series that turned into backup and transfer
floppies, so are decorative, but not functional now.  :-/

Since I recently went through the exercise of creating a Compaq
utilities disk for my Portable II, I'm in better shape to archive
RX50s.  I'll have to dig out my TSZ07 to image install tapes.

I will not get to any of this before Thanksgiving, so please don't
ask, but feel free to rattle my cage (offlist, please) if it's January
and I haven't made a peep.

If you need it sooner, I can't imagine that I'm the only person in the
world who still has 15-25-year-old backup media - someone must have
much of this stuff spun up somewhere (though I can undertstand not
wanting to make it available all the time to random passers-by).


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