Largest ST-506 (MFM or RLL) type HDD?

allison ajp166 at
Wed Oct 14 18:01:11 CDT 2009


I'll have to show my BA123 uVAXII with 2 RZ56, RD54(maxtor 150mb),
and the RD52 (Quantum D540 31mb) it has both RQDX3 and CMT SCSI
for a whopping 1.4GB of storage on 4 full height drives.

Thats about 180 Watts of drives alone. 
The drive bay is only 4 drives
slot nominally used for RX50/TK50 has a RZ56 in it. 

I also have a few BA42 storage boxes, those hold two RZ56 or any
full height 5.25" drives and weigh a bit.

Since I have an abundance of RZ56s  and RD52s I use them as backup
(image of the drive) rather than slower TK50.

My 11/73 has 4 RD52s, RX33, RX02 and RL01 in one rack.

I'm used to big drives like RA8x and RA9x so these are somewhat small.


Ethan Dicks wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 4:55 PM,  <arcarlini at> wrote:
>> The DEC RD54 (Maxtor XT-2190) was 159MB or so. I once had a brace of
>> them on a PC.
> I had a PCs or two with a Micropolis 1325, but I'd already converted
> over to Adaptec SCSI controllers and embedded SCSI drives (frequently
> surplus/castoffs from a Sun environment) rather than go above about
> 60MB on MFM/ST412.  I didn't get an IDE drive for anything until after
> 1992 - it was all small MFM and large(er) SCSI for my sub-32-bit
> environments.  Any "large" disks ended up going on VAXen and PDP-11s.
> The idea of a PC with "a brace" of FH 5.25" drives on it is somewhat
> daunting.  The closest thing I can imagine to it is a fully-loaded
> BA123, and I've never *seen* one of those above two or three spindles.
> -ethan

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