Amiga 1000 Hard Drives...

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Sat Oct 17 19:03:50 CDT 2009

Good luck! You might be better off borrowing, or sending the disks to someone with an Amiga 2000 (or greater) - they almost always have hard drives. With CrossDOS, they can copy the data to IBM floppy disks. Please define "a ton"...

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> Subject: Amiga 1000 Hard Drives...
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> Yeah yeah, I know....  What does
> an Atari guy need with an Amiga HD.    I have a
> ton of Lynx developer disks, all in Amiga format that I need
> to read and I have an Amiga 1000, so to make things easier
> I'd like to add a Hard Drive onto it for doing the OS load
> up, using the Cloanto tools and transfer those disks over to
> my PC.
> Now for a guy who 20 years ago used to get involved in the
> numerous Atari vs. Amiga battles, I find it interesting that
> there are more hard disk interfaces for the ST's then you
> can count, yet for the life of me, I can't seem to clearly
> find any Amiga 1000 hard drive interfaces with the exception
> of the Pheonix motherboard
> replacement.   Anyone on the list who's an
> Amiga fan know exactly where I can find a hard disk solution
> for the Amiga (commercial or homebrew) that is still
> actively and easily available.
> Curt


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