Reverse engineer the MatchPoint PC card?

John Riley jhriley at
Sun Oct 18 11:05:51 CDT 2009

I am moving ou of some office space I have occupied forty years and  
have come across a large cache of hard sectored NorthStar CP/M  
diskettes that I would like to obtain the data from, a daunting task.   
I have long wished to   obtain a MicroSolutions MatchPoint board to  
try this before my diskettes decompose.  Would you consider either  
selling me your board or loaning it to me for a fee?  Inthe latter  
case I would return it to you with the .286-based computer I would  
have to build to access it.  I am located in Southern California.  Are  
you interested.  They are hard to comr by.


John Riley

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