I/O chip for Bally Astrocade?

John Robertson pinball at telus.net
Tue Oct 20 13:03:16 CDT 2009

Josh Dersch wrote:
> Ok, so it's stretching the definition of "computer" but it _does_ have 
> a BASIC programming cartridge and it IS classic (1978) so I think it 
> qualifies...  Got me a Bally Astrocade that appears to have a dead I/O 
> chip.  From the service manual, this is a custom chip listed as PN 
> "0066-117XX-XXYX"... I figure it's a long shot, but anyone out there 
> have spare parts for these?  I figure if anyone knows, they're on this 
> list :).
> Thanks as always,
> Josh
If the CPU is a Z80, then the I/O is likely to be a 8255, if the CPU is 
a 68XX then the I/O is likely a 6821, and if the CPU is a 6502, then the 
I/O is likely either a 6520, 6821, or 6532. Check how the power pins to 
it compare to those common I/O chips of the day.

John :-#)#

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