Menu builder script for MS-DOS?

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Sun Oct 25 21:28:09 CDT 2009

Wholey Cow!!!  You are bringing up some GREAT memories, I'd totally 
forgotten about writing those, that used to be such a blast, here this 
site has a full tutorial with examples and doing batch menu building for 


Ethan Dicks wrote:
> Hi, All,
> I'm trying to help a friend out with a role-playing game prop, and I
> have a memory of some tool from a number of years back that can accept
> a set of scripted menu items and responses and build an MS-DOS BAT
> script that will "implement" the menu structure.
> For example - you'd start off with a top level menu with, say, 4
> items.  Typing 1-4 would take you to one of four sub-menus, etc.,
> until the end "nodes" are reached.  The end-nodes could be a launching
> point for a DOS program (optional), or just a page of informational
> text.
> Does this sort of menu generator script ring any bells with anyone?
> I've googled for three days and have found all sorts of tutorials for
> how to craft scripted menus (for DOS and UNIX), and I could easily
> write my own set of menus from scratch in any number of system script
> languages; the end user in this particular case is not a programmer,
> so I'm trying to find something that will let him write the
> informational text for the end-nodes and the menu items to lead to
> them, but have a tool auto-generate the structure around it.
> Thanks for any pointers, suggestions or keywords to help my search.
> -ethan

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