Ampex Megastore

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Wed Oct 28 12:41:43 CDT 2009

Another topic....

I got that Ampex "Megastore 316". It's a ramdisk for the Honeywell H316. 
Connects via IO but and optionally DMC (kind of data break). Is from the 
early 80s and contains to times half a megabyte of core memory. Quite a 

I have some schematics, but not all I would need. Currently it's working 
a bit - reading only every second word - but that looks good so far. I 
had to make my own cables. Perhaps I did something wrong...?
Played a bit with the controller's microcode. Found no reason why it 
skis addresses. There must be something wrong with the bus. I have two 
controllers and two core modules - swapping doesn't change anything..

Does anyone on the list have experience, docs or other information to share?

Kind Regards,

Philipp :-)

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