Why I never saw my own posts!

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 15:00:34 CDT 2009

Thanks to help from the list admin, I have figured out why I stopped 
seeing my own posts to the list!

Seems that gmail, in the their infinite wisdom, decided that it would be 
best for me if my own messages were shunted directly to 'archive' and 
never appear in the incoming folder.  There is no control or option that I 
can find to turn this "feature" off.  Subsequently, I've had to change my 
list subscription to use my ISP's mail service and all is well again.

Talk about obnoxious!  I'm starting to wonder if gmail isn't more trouble 
than it's worth.  On the good side:  It's free and their spam filtering is 
very effective.  On the bad side:  They silently drop most binary 
attachments, both coming and going, with no consistent policy involved 
that I've been able to determine.  And now, this.



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