Making Hard Sector Floppies

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> On Mar 31, 2010, at 11:12 AM, Rob wrote:
> > Reminds me of an actual paper hole "punch" that I encountered at
> > Ferranti back in my youth in the print room.  We used to photo-copy
> > compter manuals and transport them over to this beast.  You could put
> > a 2" or more high stack of paper on it, clamp it down, and have it
> > *drill* through the stack at the relevant points for the ring binders.
> >  Beat feeding it three sheets at a time through the desktop punch!
>    Yep, pretty cool.  Paper drills are about as common as, oh,
> printing presses in the printing industry.

Err... not that common. I have never heard of one of these before. Maybe
it's down to where you work, or have worked. Excluding work experience, I
have only had one job.

Andrew B
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