MITS Altair pioneer dies age 68

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Fri Apr 2 06:34:45 CDT 2010

Philip Pemberton [philpem at] wrote:
> Heard this on Radio 2 this morning, but it doesn't seem to be
> on the BBC
> News website...
> BtP_lHW_DJqyo5ogD9EQKQJO4 

> ATLANTA - Dr. Henry Edward Roberts, a developer of an early personal
> computer that inspired Bill Gates to found Microsoft, died Thursday
> in Georgia. He was 68. 
> Roberts, whose build-it-yourself kit concentrated thousands of dollars
> worth of computer capability in an affordable package, inspired Bill
> Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen to come up with Microsoft in
> 1975 after they saw an article about the MITS Altair 8800 in Popular
> Electronics.

It's on the Beeb's site now:


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