Paper drilling (was: Re: Making Hard Sector Floppies)

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Mon Apr 5 09:51:37 CDT 2010

From: Dave McGuire

On Apr 2, 2010, at 5:16 PM, Andrew Burton wrote:
 > > I did a quick search online last night for "paper drill" and the
 > > results seemed to be US specific. I have never been in a print
 > > shop, so maybe they are common like you say. I will certainly
 > > ask a few colleagues at work and see if they have heard of them.
 >   Well, there not being many other ways to make holes in
 > inches-thick stacks of paper..
 >            -Dave

	Well, when I was making a notepad (using the old pages from a Dilbert 
desk calendar) I just clamped the paper between a piece of 1/4" sheet 
wood and the circuit board backer; then used my hand drill. Kept the 
clamps as close to the hole location as possible.
	The circuit board I used, IIRC, as a backer was a ISA riser card from 
an IBM PC300GL PC. Cut off all but one of the card edge slots. Keeps the 
pads at a good angle for use, and hanging... :)

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